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National Institute of Research and Development for Biological Sciences

Cellular and Molecular Biology


Our department has expertise in a wide range of fields, conducting research and development in:

  1. Development of biocompatible and biodegradable biomaterials based on natural polymers, synthetic polymers, ceramics and bioactive compounds from plant and animal sources (polyphenols, polysaccharides, proteins and peptides), used in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine for rebuilding different types of tissues such as skin, bone, cartilage, peripheral nerves or cornea.
  2. Extraction and purification of biologically active compounds such as proteins, polysaccharides and polyphenols from plant and animal sources and their chemical, biochemical and biological analysis.
  3. Development of nanoparticles and nanostructured systems with innovative biomedical applications.
  4. Design and manufacture of biomaterials using the CELLINK BIO X 3D Printer.
  5. Perform in vitro tests for the evaluation of cytotoxicity of medical devices, biomaterials, plant extracts and various bioactive compounds of plant or animal origin according to international standards SR EN ISO 17025:2017 and SR EN ISO 10993-5:2009.
  6. Development of in vitro experimental models for testing the biological properties, such as tissue regenerative, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-proliferative, hepatoprotective or gastroprotective activity, of medical devices and biomaterials in tissue healing as an alternative to animal experiments.
  7. The exploitation of animal and vegetable by-products from the fish, vegetable, wine and agricultural industries for the production of dermato-cosmetic, nutraceutical or natural products with a biopesticidal or biofungicidal effect.