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National Institute of Research and Development for Biological Sciences

Applied Biotechnologies


Our department focuses on initiating and coordinating basic and applied research projects at national, international and regional levels. Our activities focus on various areas of biotechnology, including medical and pharmaceutical, agricultural, remediation and industrial. Within the department, we develop and apply non-invasive methods to identify new sources of active compounds for use in medicine and agriculture.

Our team strives to obtain beneficial products for human, animal and plant use. We make valuable contributions to the development of technologies for obtaining biomaterials and bioproducts with therapeutic effect, which can be used to treat various tissue diseases. We are also working on innovative technologies for body care products and complex nutritional supplements, which have potential in treating metabolic diseases. Our department also aims to stabilise and support research by providing a suitable framework for young researchers, as well as developing international partnerships and strengthening research infrastructure by implementing new analytical systems and upgrading existing ones.