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National Institute of Research and Development for Biological Sciences

Technology Transfer Center


The Technology Transfer Centre (TTC) was established as a department within the National Research and Development Institute for Biological Sciences by the Order of the Minister of Research, Innovation Development and Digitisation no. 20324/2023. The CTT's main objective is to increase the competitiveness of regional enterprises in the field of Bioeconomy and to stimulate the regional economy by promoting innovation and expertise accumulated within the institute.


The Technology Transfer Centre addresses the economic environment by providing consultancy and intermediation services for knowledge/technology transfer and for the implementation of innovative solutions at the level of economic beneficiaries for obtaining new products and developing new technologies based on innovative results developed at the INCDSB.


Making connections and partnerships to integrate fragmented and distributed entrepreneurial knowledge across different environments and organisations, private companies, universities, research and development institutes, specialised providers to contribute to solving societal needs.

As a result, CTT proposes:

  • Identification and analysis of technology transfer needs in INCDSB's areas of activity as well as in the Institute's specific niche areas.
  • Identify potential technological and market opportunities.
  • Exploring new areas with a rich portfolio of knowledge with innovative potential.