Technology and business incubator – ITA BINNOTEH

Incubatorul Tehnologic și de AfaceriTechnological and Business Incubator, ITA-BINNOTEH, was established in 2006 as a department of the INCDSB with financial autonomy.

ITA BINNOTEH was accredited by ANCS thru Decision no. 9434 / 06.12.2007, with Accreditation Certificate no. 27 / 17.12.2007, for a period of 5 years. It is reaffirmed by the MEN Order no. 5373 MD / 30.10.2013, with Accreditation Certificate no. 70 / 06.11.2013, also for a period of 5 years, starting with 25.11.2013, as and entity from the national infrastructure of innovation and technological transfer, for the following fields:

  • Biotechnologies;
  • Biomaterials;
  • Environment protection;
  • Information and communication technology.

The mission of the incubator is to encourage the development of the private sector with activity in this field, through the transfer of innovations and technologies resulting from scientific research activities from INCDSB.

ITA-BINNOTEH offers entrepreneurs from the SME sector consultancy for business development, technology transfer and intellectual property consultancy and an adequate and modern infrastructure.
This incubator was designed and equipped with a project within the INFRATECH program.

Who is ITA BINNOTEH addressing?

The Technology and Business Incubator, ITA BINNOTEH, is addressed to companies of type SME with less than 3 years old and that have in the activity object one of the following fields:

  • biomaterials
  • information technology
  • environment protection
  • promotion of research activity (advertising and market research activities)
  • research and development


  • spaces for starting and developing business, for carrying out activities (offices, laboratories, etc.), equipment and technological assistance;
  • access to the communication infrastructure;
  • access to information of interest to the business environment;
  • specialized services:
    • business assistance services for innovation and technology transfer;
    • research and development services;
    • technological information services, technological audit, vigilance and technological forecast;
    • assistance and consultancy services for the development of experimental models and prototypes;
    • assistance and consultancy services for the exploitation of intellectual property rights;
    • assistance and consultancy services in the legislative field at national, European and international level;
    • support services:
      • obtaining funds in national and international programs;
      • identification of partners in the university and research environment;
      • ensuring access to specialized databases;
      • information on national, regional and local priorities;
      • guard services and protocol.
  • access to information of interest to the business environment;
  • conference room access.

Incubated companies – physically

  • SC Software Development and Research Centre SRL, which carries out activities of applied research and product development, as well as services in the ICT field, with priority in the field of information management within private companies and public institutions.

Activity reports ITA – BINNOTEH

Download the ITA activity reports for: 2018 / 2017 / 2016 / 2015 / 2014 / 2013 / 2012 / 2011 / 2009


Eng. Tamara ANASTASIU – Responsible for ITA – BINNOTEH
Ec. Cosmina Panzaru – Chief Accountant
CS III Sorin Manoiu – Intellectual Property Manager
Gheorghe Bobe – Administrator
Dan Petrescu -Guard
Ioana Costache – Cleanliness