Services in the biomedical field

The Cellular and molecular Biology department (BCM) offers services in the biomedical field through the „Cell culture laboratory for in vitro biocompatibility testing”, a laboratory that was accredited by RENAR between 2008-2012, according to Accreditation Certificate no. LI 727.

The Cell culture laboratory was designed, organized and equipped according to SR EN ISO 17025:2005 (General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories) and SR EN ISO 10993:2003 (Biological evaluation of medical devices). The lab performs in vitro cytotoxicity tests on some medical devices and biomaterials, using methods described in the EN ISO 10993:2003 (Part 5) Standard: Tests for in vitro cytotoxicity. Running this type of tests is regulated by the European and national legislation regarding the conditions for marketing and commissioning medical devices. According to the EU Directive 86/609/EEC which stipulates that an experiment cannot be performed on lab animals if another scientificaly satisfying method is available, our laboratory finds the replacement of lab animals testing with in vitro tests on mammalian cell lines, a necessary solution, resonable in terms of cost and precise in terms of results.

The Cellular and molecular Biology department (BCM) also offers services consisting in biochemical analysis of natural products and transmission electron microscopy.

The Bioproducts and Biomaterials department offers the following services:

  • Technical assistance on technologies of obtaining some biomaterials (enzymes, proteins immobilized on bio/polimeric supports) and bioproducts (creams, gels, membranes) with cosmetic and pharmaceutical use;
  • Analysis on enzymatic activity (protease, amylase, cellulase, hemicellulases, vitamin A and E content) and other biologically active products from different biological extracts;
  • Consultancy and technical assistance for the clinical application of the obtained biomaterials;

Services in the field of agriculture and food

The Biotechnologies department offers services in its competency domains (research services, testing services and consultancy services). Based on signed contracts, the Biotechnologies department offers, for the support and development of its partners’ projects, the following:

  • The Plant Biotechnology Laboratory offers: consultancy services for agriculture, testing services for seeds viability, testing services for some active principles (in various forms) in plants;
  • The Laboratory of Microbial Biotechnology offers: services of testing the antimicrobial activity, services of isolation and characterization of microbial strains, services for determining the total number of germs in different samples;
  • The Analysis Laboratory offers services of: antioxidant capacity determination, phenolic compounds determination, total protein determination, qualitative and quantitative characterization by gas chromatography coupled with mass spectometry;
  • The Biotechnology Extraction Laboratory offers services of: extraction of biologically active compounds by using several techniques and different solvents;

Services in the field of statistics

The Department of Bioinformatics offers the following services:

  • Statistical services of completing and validating the methodology of assessing the ecological status of natural lakes;

Services in the field of environmental protection and biodiversity conservation

The Institute of Biological Research in Cluj-Napoca is registered in the National Register of studies developers for environmental protection at position no. 214, with competences in the development of:

  • R.I.M. (environmental impact report);
  • E.A. (proper assessment study);

Accreditation, as evidenced by the certificate of registration, is valid for the 2010-2015 period.

Our institution has the necessary skills and experience to carry out impact studies on biodiversity and other services (analysis):

  1. Delivery and characterization of algal and cyanobacterial strains. Beneficiary: ICECHIM Bucharest (2012-2014);
  2. Evaluation and impact studies for harvesting medicinal plants, mushrooms and berries, snail populations;
  3. Immunoassay, hematology, coagulation and serum biochemistry analysis;
  4. In vitro and in vivo studies regarding the administration of functionalized nano-objects;

In order to obtain a price offer, please write to the following e-mail addresses:, .

The accreditation of the institution is in compliance with GEO no. 195/2005 on environmental protection, approved with amendments by Law 265/2006, with subsequent amendments and Ministerial Order no. 1026/2009 on the conditions for elaborating environmental reports, environmental impact reports, safety reports and proper evaluation studies.