The day of the Antarctic Fraternity

June 21, which marks the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere through the longest day of the year, corresponds in the southern hemisphere to the longest night marking the middle of winter inside the Antarctic Arctic Circle. This day, June 21, is the most important holiday in Antarctica being celebrated in the national stations there as Midwinter Day in Antarctica and evoked in the international Antarctic community as Fraternity Day in Antarctica.

The message from the President of the Antarctic Academy of Argentina, Marcelo Cristian TARAPOW:

Iasi Team

On the occasion of this event, the President of the Antarctic Academy of Argentina, Marcelo Cristian Tarapow, sent us the document Día de la Confraternidad Antártica 2020

The President of the Antarctic Academy, Marcelo Cristian TARAPOW is pleased to send you the most sincere greetings from all members on the occasion of the commemoration of the day of the Antarctic Fraternity, on June 21.
This day has an unspoken meaning and a similar real symbolism. Antarctic people, wherever they are and wherever they have lived for a long or short time on the White Continent, express their feelings and solidarity beyond any imaginable human limit.
There will always be an outstretched hand, palm up, that will make you feel like you are never alone in Antarctica.
We take this favorable opportunity to greet you very kindly.
BUENOS AIRES, June 21, 2020