Final country EU REPORT on Research, Innovation – June 8, 2022

European Union experts have presented the final country report on research, digitization, and innovation, made with the help of the Policy Support Facility (PSF) through the Horizon Europe Program.

At the event were present: Sebastian-Ioan Burduja, Minister of Research, Innovation and Digitization; Jean-Eric Paquet, – Director-General EU Directorate-General for Research and Innovation (online); Ligia Deca, Presidential Adviser – Department of Education and Research; Sorin-Valentin Costreie, State Councilor in the Chancellery of the Prime Minister for Education and Research.

The National for Research – Development Institute of Biological Sciences was represented at this event by Prof. Dr. Mihaela Marinela Păun, General Manager. 

The report was presented by Mariam Camarero, chairman of the panel of experts PSF Romania and professor at the University Jaume I Castellón, Spain.

Among the recommendations made by experts are:

  • Reviewing general policies in two directions: ensuring sufficient institutional funding and reforming funding mechanisms to ensure more excellent impact orientation;
  • Reducing the administrative and bureaucratic mechanism that puts pressure on research organizations;
  • Using the opportunity to improve the performance of innovation based on science-industry collaboration;
  • Amplifying efforts for better positioning of Romania in the European institutions, moving from a passive role to a more active one, focusing on priority areas, and involving experts with an overview.

The Minister of Research, Innovation and Digitization, Sebastian-Ioan Burduja, stated in his speech:

“…I want to say one more thing: I believe the future belongs to the brave! The reforms we must make today are not easy and will not be done in a year or four. Maybe not even in my term. But the important thing is that we have started! So thank you, we assure you of our full involvement.”

The report can be consulted at: