Available and involved

Aware of the role that research plays in providing solutions to community problems, INCDSB becomes part of the global fight against COVID 19 thus:
– From the ICB Cluj branch of INCDSB, dr. Edina Szekeres and dr. Bogdan Drugă participate, as volunteers, in the diagnosis of COVID-19 cases by Real-Time PCR, at the Cluj-Napoca Emergency Clinical Hospital (Imogen Medical Research Institute), respectively at the Oncological Institute “Prof . Dr. Ion Chiricuţă “from Cluj-Napoca;
– Dr. Bogdan Drugă provided specialized training to the staff of the Bistrița-Năsăud Public Health Directorate for the investigation of COVID-19 samples related to Bistrița-Năsăud;
– INCDSB is actively supporting Romanian Government with trained personnel, logistics and infrastructure: several RT -PCR devices and a laboratory of cell cultures with expertise in cytotoxicity testing of medical devices.