The 26th session of the BOARD OF GOVERNORS of the ICGEB

Between 18 and 19 November the ICGEB headquarters in Trieste, Italy hosted the 26th session of the BOARD OF GOVERNORS of the ICGEB. Over 130 delegates from 65 countries met online to discuss the activities of the ICGEB– biotechnology research initiatives, the global battle against Covid19, developing partnerships and capacity building for sustainable development.

From the event agenda:

  • Director of the ICGEB Regional Research Center in Taizhou, China, Dr. Yili Yang, introduced the Taizhou Regional Research Center;
  • The governors of Kenya, the Republic of Moldova, Sri Lanka and Panama have updated the information on the ICGEB regional research centers in their countries. Other elements for discussion include the renewal of the appointments of directors in New Delhi and Cape Town, the collaboration with South Africa and the renewed agreement for the host country and the ICGEB Outstation in Buenos Aires, Argentina;
  • More than 12 observer countries from Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Latin America were present. Delegations from Djibouti, Angola and the Dominican Republic will update the Council on the actions of their countries acceding to ICGEB membership. The President of the European and International Chamber of Affairs of the Italian Court of Auditors, Giovanni Coppola, presented the report on the financial statements and ICGEB accounts;
  • Observers from 13 organizations participated, including the European Commission, FAO, IAEA, IILA, IRRI, TWAS, UNIDO, UNOSSC and WIPO. From Trieste were present delegates from the CIS and the FVG Region, as well as the president of ILLY, Andrea Illy.