Activity Reports

The National Institute of Research and Development for Biological Sciences draws up an annual report of activity in accordance to the requirements of the National Authority of Scientific Research and Innovation. This report comprises the following data:

  • Identification data of INCDSB;
  • Short description of INCDSB;
  • Management structure of INCDSB;
  • Economic and financial status of INCDSB;
  • Human resources structure in research and development;
  • Results of the research-development activity;
  • Measures of enhancing the prestige and visibility of INCDSB;
  • Sources of information and documentation from the scientific and technical heritage of INCDSB;
  • Conclusions;
  • Perspectives/priorities for the reported period.

These reports were submitted to the National Authority of Scientific Research and Innovation and are available, in extenso, on the institute’s website.

2. Economic activity reports according to art.51, OUG 109 / 2011 with subsequent amendments and completions