The main development targets assumed by INCDSB are following the three pillars of activity of the institute and are framing to the strategic objectives of Horizon Europe 2021-2024:

  1. To increase and strengthen the institutional and human resource competencies in the field of life sciences and border scientific domains, to actively contribute to provide solutions to the European challenges as, for example, important contributor to the sustainable management of natural resources;
  2. To consolidate the institutional portfolio of transferable knowledge and technologies; to increase the efficacy of the knowledge transfer process to external users, thus contributing to the process of green transition to a circular economy;
  3. Integration in research infrastructure networks, development of a pole of excellence in research including a national research network in (bio) agri-food and medical technologies able to provide solutions for the global challenges and for those related to the “one health” approach;
  4. Maintaining and expanding the existing international partnerships, supporting xchanges of knowledge and know-how to promote research in cell biology, genetics, proteomics, metabolomics and biotechnology;
  5. Building and functionalization of the International Center for Advanced Studies for Sea-River Systems “DANUBIUS-RI”.