Mission & Vision

By the year 2020, INCDSB will consolidate the role of active player in applied sciences in the life sciences domain in Romania, with internationally recognized accomplishments for the three research directions: environment & biodiversity, biomedicine / health and agro-food.
At the same time, INCDSB will increase its unique capacity of conducting research in complementary research domains for which INCDSB has research teams that have already nationally and internationally proved their competence, like: bioanalysis, bioinformatics, biotechnologies and biomaterials, integrating INCDSB in national and European research projects and including it in regional and European research excellence networks. This way, the institute aims at contributing to healthy and prosperous development of the Romanian society and to the general progress of European research in the life sciences domain.

Our mission is excellence in research in the life sciences domain, assumed by the process of integrating research in biological sciences and cooperating with national and international partners in order to understand life’s processes and solve environmental, health, food and social problems.
The mission comprises the three main directions which, in our vision, must be considered central axis of INCDSB’s activity: biomedical research (including cellular and molecular research, genetic engineering, etc.), research in the domain of food and agriculture and in the domain of environment & biodiversity. All these three directions are sustained by a horizontal structure that functions as a common chain which helps and correlates the central axis.
The horizontal structure is represented by bioanalysis, bioinformatics, bioproducts and biotechnologies.
The three directions are “sine qua non” related to the horizontal structure formed by the four domains of activity. None of the three directions (central axis) of the research activity could exist without the support of the “4B horizontal structure” (4B = Bioanalysis, Bioinformatics, Biotechnologies, Bioproducts).