Mission & Vision

INCDSB’s mission is excellence in life sciences research, assumed through the process of integrating interdisciplinary institutional research in the three main directions – biomedicine / health, agriculture, nutrition and food safety, respectively environment and biodiversity -, thus ensuring trans-disciplinary the four complementary fields (bioanalysis, bioinformatics, biotechnology and bioproducts and research in extreme environments).

INCDSB’s vision is to contribute, through cooperation with local and international partners to the understanding of the life processes and to provide sustainable solutions to the challenges occurring as result of environmental problems, health, depletion of natural resources, nutrition, etc.

INCDSB aim to contribute to the achievement of the European Union’s objectives on sustainable, knowledge-based development. Thus, through its inter- and trans-disciplinary research activities, INCDSB participates in achieving the objectives related to:

(1) promoting strategic autonomy, by creating key-value chains to accelerte the green transition and focusing technologies and innovation on human needs;
(2) the ecosystems and biodiversity restoration; sustainable management of natural resources to ensure food security and a clean and healthy environment,
(3) the transition to a sustainable European economy according to the principles of Europe’s economic circularity and climate neutrality.

Directiilor de cercetare INCDSB