Centre of excellence in Life Sciences, INCDSB promotes fundamental and applicative research in top domains like: cellular and molecular biology, biotechnology, biodiversity, bioanalysis and bioinformatics.

After the merging of the Institute with the three subunits, research domains were created in order to fit the three main directions of our activity: biomedical research (including cell and molecular biology, tissue engineering, etc.), agriculture and food researches and biodiversity researches.

All these directions are sustained and correlated by a horizontal structure which consists in: bioanalysis, bioinformatics, bioproducts and biotechnologies.

Each of these directions, and all of them together, represents an equal tool for the three main domains.

The three directions are “sin qua non” related to the horizontal structure created by four other activity domains in our Institute.

Cercetare INCDSB

In INCDSB, activities are developed within the following areas of scientific competence:

  • Increasing the quality and competitiveness level of the research process and its results in order to align it to the level, priorities and scientific and technological objectives specific to the European area of research;
  • Orientation of the scientific research towards the domains considered priorities by the European Community for research, technologic development and demonstration activities for the 2007-2013 period and that are connected to the scientific research domain of INCDSB.

In order to fulfill the general objectives while considering the possibilities and realities of INCDSB, the institute has established the following specific objectives:

  • Continuing and developing fundamental researches in order to: (i) obtain advanced knowledge in domains specific to the institute; (ii) ensure its own portofolio of methods, techniques and procedures; (iii) increase the scientific recognition level by disseminating the original results;
  • Drawing interest of economic agents to the research-development-innovation activities develop within the institute;
  • Creating an infrastructure of technology transfer/incubator for viable business;
  • Modernization of the existing research-development infrastructure;
  • Increasing the number of specialists in domains of interest and lowering the average age of researchers;
  • Increasing the capacity of scientific collaboration at national and European level;
  • Developing a long term partnership (intern and international) within the consortiums formed with economic agents, universities or other research and development units;

The Scientific Strategy of INCDSB for the 2016 – 2020 can be found here

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The multiannual development plan of INCDSB for the 2016 – 2020 period can be found here

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