INCDSB’s affiliations

International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnologies

In 2011, INCDSB became Affiliated Centre of the International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnologies (ICGEB), organization dedicated to advanced applicative researches and training in the fields of molecular biology and biotechnology.
This affiliation represents a major achievement for INCDSB, providing the institute competitive advantages because:

  • It proves that INCDSB has reached a high standard in terms of the quality of research;
  • It provides the uniqueness of the institute, at national level (due to the fact that ICGEB grants the status of Affiliated Centre to one institution per Member State);
  • It proves that INCDSB is an active player within the global research network, being an honorable representative of the Romanian research.

INCDSB benefits from the Centre’s (ICGEB’s) resources, services, training activities and financing programmes. The institute now has the possibility to access the Collaborative Research Programme (CRP), established by ICGEB in order to stimulate collaborative research between ICGEB and the network of Affiliated Centres by creating adequate research facilities in institutes with developing potential, by promoting and training young researchers through research programmes of specific interest to each participating country. For more information, please accesss:

For information regarding ICGEB grants, access the link

National evaluation criteria for ICGEB grants. Access: ICGEB projects evaluation