Development of New PHYTo-formulations with enhanced BIOACTive potential based on polyphenols complexes from plants and vegetal by-products

PN-III-P2-2.1-PED-2019-3945, contract no 362PED/2020

NPHYTBIOACT project intends to demonstrate the feasibility of using innovative technologies to improve natural resources (plants and vegetal by-products) use and to increase the efficiency of phyto-products formulation.

The core objective of the project: to settle a complete solution for development and lab-scale validation of new phyto-formulations with enhanced bioactivity.

NPHYTBIOACT, aims to perform a step forward from the results existing at the consortium level, targeting to improve the existing know-how in order to obtain new phyto-products with enhanced bioactivity and increased solubility characteristics in physiological relevant fluids.

At the project completion the following outcomes will be provided: two validated extraction technologies (microwave assisted extraction), for silymarin from milk thistle (plant, by products) and polyphenols/flavonoids from rosehip (plant, young branches, by-products) and selective concentration and standardization in rutin, quercitrin and kaempherol will be performed; lab-scale validated procedures for phytosomes synthesis, silymarin-phytosomes, respectively flavonoids-phytosomes; validated formula for new highly bioactive phyto-products including synthesized phytosomes.