During 21 – 22 May 2019, in Trieste, Italy, took place the twenty-five session of the Board of Governors of International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology – ICGEB.

Dr. Manuela Elisabeta SIDOROFF, Director General of the National Research and Development Institute for Biological Sciences (INCDSB), participated at the event, as Governor on Board of ICGEB from Romania.

ICGEB 2019

The sessions of the ICGEB Governors Board are held annually, bringing together government representatives from over 60 member states with the purpose of promoting sustainable global science at international level, technology and innovation in Biotechnology.
The Board of ICGEB is responsible for managing and administering the Center, to determine the directions and activities of this, admitting new members, approving the program and working budget, taking into account the recommendations of the Scientific Advisory Council, adopting the financial regulations of Center and decisions on other financial issues.

The points adopted on the agenda of the session were presented, discussed and based on them decisions were taken by the Board of the ICGEB, which will be published in the Final Report.

Election of the General Director for the years 2019 – 2024

In addition to all the decisions taken, business and financial plans, strategies, etc., in 2019, the Board of ICGEB ask to elect a new General Director of ICGEB, for a period of 5 (five) years.

Taking into account that the mandate of the current Director General, Prof Prof. Mauro Giacca, will expire on 30 June 2019, the Board was asked to elect a new ICGEB General Director (the following procedure and the relevant timetable approved at the 24th Session of the Board Governors in 2018).
Thus, Dr. Lawrence Banks, ICGEB Scientific Coordinator and Leader of the Tumour Virology Group Leader, has been elected General Director at the 25th Session of the Board of Governors in Trieste on 21 May 2019.

This ICGEB Board of Governors was attended by Sir Richard J. Roberts, Nobel Laureate, and a member of the ICGEB Scientific Advisory Council.